Refuse Collection & Recycling

The Town of Woodstock has contracted with American Disposal Services for weekly residential refuse collection services and the collection of recycling every other week. Refuse and recycling collection occurs every Wednesday for all residential properties. In addition, the Town offers business refuse and recycling collection for those businesses that show interest and contact the Municipal Office to enroll. Please find out more details on business collection view the Business Refuse and Recycling Collection page.

Curbside Recycling

The Town of Woodstock offers curbside recycling collection services every other week. View the 2020 Collection Calendar (PDF) for your convenience.

American Disposal Services has provided an excellent guide for recyclable materials - most items can be recycled!

For more information on the recycling process, please access the American Disposal Services website.


Refuse and recycling must be out on the very edge of your curb or designated collection space no earlier than 5 p.m. the evening before your collection day and no later than 7 a.m. on your collection day.

Refuse Containers

Please do not use excessively heavy waste receptacles. For the safety of the employees, they will not be picked up.

Recycling Containers

American Disposal Services provides one 18-gallon recycling container free of charge to each resident. If you have not received your container, please contact Public Works at 540-459-3045. You may use your own containers as long as they are clearly marked as recyclables. We also have large recycling stickers available for free at the Municipal Office that can be placed on your own containers to make them stand out from regular refuse cans.

Refuse and Recycling Containers Lease Program

Working with American Disposal Services, the Town is offering industry-grade, highly durable refuse and recycling carts for lease; the carts are furnished with wheels to roll the carts to the curb as well as lids to help keep refuse and recyclables contained (and accordingly out Town streets beautiful!) as well as to help prevent animals from easily accessing garbage. The refuse carts are grey, and the recycling carts are either green or blue and are clearly labeled for recyclables. Both 64-gallon and 96-gallon carts are available for lease. Leased carts will be maintained and repaired by our contractor.

Dimensions of the carts are as follows:

64-Gallon Cart: 39.5" h x 24.5" w x 30.5" d

96-Gallon Cart: 40.5"h x 30.5" w x 34.5" d

The fee to lease a cart-refuse or recycling, 64-gallon or 96-gallon-is $1 per month per cart, which will be added to your existing refuse and recycling charge on your monthly utility bill.

If you wish to lease a cart, complete the Refuse and Recycling Cart Lease Form (PDF)and return it to the Municipal Office located at 135 North Main Street, Woodstock, Virginia 22664. You may start or stop the lease as necessary; however the lease will begin and the carts will be delivered to your residence on the first Wednesday of the month corresponding with the collection service. The Town does not prorate if the lease is terminated prior to the end of the month. Please also note that if the lease is terminated or you move out of the Town, the carts must be returned to the Town to avoid a $99 fee per cart.

You may access information about the lease program here or you may contact the Municipal Office at 540-459-3621.

Tire Collection

Tires will not be collected at any time.

Flammable & Hazardous Material

Flammable and/or hazardous materials will not be collected at any time.

Clean-Up Weeks

Appliances and other large pieces of metal will only be collected during regularly scheduled clean-up weeks. Clean-up weeks occur during the spring (the first full week in April), summer (the first full week in July) and the fall (the first full week in October). Announcements will be made as to the exact dates of spring and fall clean-up.

Inclement Weather
Refuse and recycling collection may be suspended due to extreme inclement weather at the discretion of the Town of Woodstock and American Disposal Services.